MultiTOUCH Bar Club Innovation - Displays and Software

Multi TOUCH Screens & Software for Bars / Clubs / Lounges

Amaze your customers with interactive digital signage XXL for bars, clubs, lounges: multi touch screens, tables, video walls and customized software.

MultiTOUCH Bar Counter Table

Interactive Bar Counter

MultiTOUCH technology by eyefactive will transform your bar into an interactive MultiTOUCH display. Thanks to our OMEGA module-system also round and bend shapes can be realized - as you like it!

MultiTOUCH mix and order cocktails, cocktail bar, cocktail mixer

Mix Your Own Cocktail

With intuitive touch applications your guests will be able to add different ingredients to their virtual cocktail-glass. A button's touch later and the order is conveyed to bar staff. But this is just one example from a universe of possibilites what interactive MultiTOUCH software can do for you at bars, clubs, partys and events.

MultiTOUCH Games, Flirt-Games, Actions, MultiUser Games, AirHockey

Interactive Social Games

People get together in bars and clubs. Utilize the social networks at your location by providing interactive MultiUSER games, competitions or flirt-games.

More Usecases

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