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Interactive multi touch screen systems as tables & walls with customized touchscreen software & object recognition technology. Amaze customers, increase sales with interactive digital signage XXL.

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Products & Technologies

Innovative touch screen hardware, software & technologies for effective marketing and collaborative teamwork, for POS & sales, information, entertainment and collaboration. All products (overview)

Touchscreen Products: Hardware Systems

Touchscreen Systeme

Individual multi touch screens, tables, steles, kiosk terminals, video walls and equipment.

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Multi Touch Screen Software: AppStore

Touchscreen Software

Customizable multitouch screen software in the world's first specialized B2B app store.

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Multi Touch Screen Technologies

Touchscreen Technologies

Touch screen object recognition, multiuser software development, camera tracking.

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Customers & Projects

Learn more about our worldwide interactive digital signage touchscreen installations, projects and customers.
All projects (overview)

Aeon MultiTouch Table + Software for Haspa

Hamburger Sparkasse AG

In touch with the future: The Haspa bank upgrades their branch at Hamburger Jungfernstieg with the latest eyefactive MultiTOUCH table + software.

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Interactive virtual shelves for the pharmacy of the future


The future of pharmacy product communication is here with fully automated multitouch counter displays and the ApoShelf software, individually developed for OPTIMUM-Media by eyefactive.

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Benefits: Interactive Multi Touch Screen Hardware & Software

Benefits of Interactive Multi Touch Screen Solutions

Harness the power of interactive technologies for new innovative solutions!

  • Point of Sale

    Sell more

  • Point of Information

    Inform individually

  • Point of Entertainment

    More exiting entertainment

  • Point of Education

    Convey knowledge more sustainably

  • Point of Advertisement

    Advertise more effectively

  • Point of Collaboration

    Creative and efficient teamwork

Usecases, Applications, Areas, Multi Touch Interactive

Usecases & Industries of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage installations can be deployed in many areas!

  • Shops

  • Einkaufs-Center

  • Hotels

  • Banken

  • Foyers & Lobbies

  • Museen

  • Gallerien

  • Science Center

  • Flughäfen

  • Bus- & Bahnstationen

  • Kinos

  • Casinos

  • Freizeitparks

  • Bars

  • Clubs

  • Öffentliche Einrichtungen

  • Messen

  • Ausstellungen

  • Events

  • uvm...


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Interactive touch technology is here to stay! As users got familiar with multitouch control on mobile devices and tablets, they expect the same intuitive experience on larger displays as well. We will see such larger scale professional touchscreens on a more frequent basis in our daily lives, be it at shopping malls, airports, museums or bus stations. The bigger the display, the more users can interact with it at the same time - either individually, just for themselves, or jointly in a group.

Interactive signage constitutes the next evolutionary step of interactive marketing in public spaces, also known as interactive digital out-of-home (DOOH). While meanwhile non-interactive display installations are able to centrally manage digital content via the internet, interactive signage is already a step ahead and involves the user in the marketing process. According to learning theory we can recall information better the more senses are involved and addressed. Thus, interactive digital signage installations convey a message way more effectively than any conventional passive digital signage solution ever could. The combination of touchscreen hardware and software offers unlimited possibilities for innovative marketing at point of sale and information.

Whitepaper: What is Interactive Digital Signage?

Since the success of Apple´s first iPhone, touch technology has become a given standard. The advantages are clear: direct and intuitive handling via fingers is easy to grasp for the young and old alike: with a swift touch we activate buttons, swipe images to the left or right, or zoom into a map with two fingers, completely void of any additional input devices like mouse or keyboard - human-computer interaction has never been easier!

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Object recognition on interactive touchscreens enables users to get information about a specific topic or product in the most intuitive and efficient way you could think of! Instead of navigation through complex menu structures, users simply put the physical object on to the screen - the desired multimedia content opens directly next to the spot where the object is placed.

That way customers can call up existing special offers, advertisement videos or additional information simply by help of a product packaging. Customer consultants use objects to sort products by different categories, and in a restaurant the gaming app closes as soon as the waiter serves the plate with your favorite dish on the multitouch table.

Learn more: Touchscreen object recognition / detection

There are many different designations of interactive objects for touch screens, e.g. markers, marker objects, fiducials or "tangible objects". They all denominate physical auxiliaries different in shape and size, we call them markers. They can be recognized by the touch screen. Various technologies exist on the market: Some markers use optical recognition and can simply be printed similar to QR codes. Others use an integrated specific technology or mechanism and are generally a bit bigger in size. The markers are mounted or glued for instance to the actual object as an auxiliary.

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Multitouch technology on smartphones and tablets brought us a more intuitive handling of apps on small devices, which we generally used to operate individually, just by ourselves. But the door to the next evolutionary stage has already opened: For the first time it has become possible to operate interactive applications parallely, simultaneously and collectively on bigger touchscreens for professional use.

In the future on large touchscreen tables, terminals or video walls we will create a style guide with friends in a fashion store, plan our holidays interactively with the family in a travel agency, choose the individual toppings for our pizza in a restaurant – or draw up mind maps, collages or plans together with our colleagues at work. All void of additional input devices like mouse or keyboard, together with any number of users, simultaneously using the same software on the same display.

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All news, articles, references and white papers on current topics, products and technologies in the field of interactive digital signage. Show all news

New product: Premium touchscreen table TAURUS

New product: Premium touchscreen table TAURUS

eyefactive extends its product portfolio for interactive touchscreen systems: The TAURUS multitouch table combines a robust base with premium touchscreens by 3M in various dimensions.

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Save the date: eyefactive @ ko:mon 2018

Save the date: eyefactive @ ko:mon 2018

ko:mon - The congress for the control room and monitoring industry. From 19 to 21 September 2018, experts, practitioners, planners, suppliers and users from industry, administration and services will meet in Bremen for the 10th time to exchange know-how and experience.

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New Website Online

New Website Online

Since 27.07.2018 our website shines in a new light. Among other things, the design has been completely updated and modernized, new content added and the technical structure revised.

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