TOUCH Screens & Software for Trade Fair, Event, Roadshow

Attract & Amaze More Visitors with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for Trade Fairs, Events, Roadshows & Exhibitions. XXL MultiTouch Screens, Tables, Walls & Kiosk Terminals with Customized Software and Innovative Technologies.

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Multi Touch Screens, Tische, Wände und Terminals für Messe, Ausstellung, Roadshow
Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

XXL Multitouch Screens, Tables & Videowalls for Trade Fairs, Exhibitions & Roadshows

Large multitouch units serving as tables or walls are sure to attract major attention at your next expo or event. Maximize your effect at a distance by additional displays or projectors which convey the content of the interactive user surface even to people further away from your stand.

  • Seamless Multitouch displays in special formats

  • Large-scale interactive video walls

  • Interactive infoterminals & kiosk systems

  • Transparent Multitouch screens

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Multi Touch Screen Software for Exhibition, Trade Fair, Roadshow
Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

Interactive Touch Screen Software for Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

Access ready-made apps from the eyefactive AppStore and integrate your own content, logos & designs. Upon request, we also develop a completely individual solution according to your requirements.

  • Products, Services & Offers

    Interactive multimedia presentation of products, offers & services.

  • Special offers & Contests

    Generate maximum attention for offers & competitions with interactive solutions.

  • Feedback Forms

    Individual evaluation forms to collect valuable customer feedback.

  • Augmented Reality

    Use transparent touch screens to combine any object with a virtual & interactive information layer.

  • Multiuser Games

    Compete with multiple players on large touch screens in coop or against each other.

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Object Recognition for Exhibition, Trade Fair, Roadshow
Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

Innovative Technology - Object Recognition on Touch Screens

With eyefactive´s object recognition technology a touch screen can recognize any object. From visuals effects under a glass or a bottle, to information being directly superimposed on real products, to starting new apps on the entire display - the possibilities are endless!

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Interactive Exhibition, Trade Fair, Roadshow
Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

Innovative Presentation of Offers, Products & Services

Attract & amaze more visitors with interactive digital signage for trade fairs, events, roadshows & exhibitions. Interactive Multitouch screens, tables, walls and kiosk terminals in combination with individual multiuser software and innovative object recognition.

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Transparent Touchscreen for Exhibition, Trade Fair, Roadshow
Trade Fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

Transparent Touch Screens - Augmented Reality / AR

Be ahead of the time: Experience the product presentation of the future today: Display interactive digital information on a virtual level superimposed on the product, which is showcased behind a transparent touch screen.

More info: HYPEBOX
Interactive Digital Signage for Exhibition, Trade Fair, Roadshow

Interactive Digital Signage for Trade fair, Exhibition, Roadshow

  • Amaze your customers

    Deliver engaging interactive experiences with innovative XXL touch screen installations.

  • Attract more visitors

    Large-scale interactive solutions are sure to attract major attention with maximum visibility.

  • Save costs

    Save costs for logistics and storage and present your entire portfolio as a virtual product catalog.

  • Effective infotainment

    Combine your message with interactive infotainment to reach your audience most effectively.

  • Get valuable feedback

    Get to know your customer's demands with interactive forms and feedback features.

  • Measure your success

    Get valuable insights about your most successful content to continuously optimize your solution.

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