TOUCH Screens & Software for Control Center, Surveillance

Operate systems more intuitively & efficiently with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for Control Center, Surveillance. XXL MultiTouch Screens, Tables, Walls & Kiosk Terminals with Customized Software and Innovative Technologies.

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Multitouch Screen Terminal Video Wall for Control Room
Control Center, Surveillance

Large-scale Interactive Touchscreens as Most Efficient Control Systems

Integrate large-scale interactive video walls, terminals & tables in surveillance rooms and control systems of the future. For a more intuitive control of complex applications and surveillance systems.

  • Large-scale interactive video walls

  • Multitouch tables in different sizes

  • Interactive info terminals & kiosk systems

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MultiUser Software for Control Room, Control System
Control Center, Surveillance

Interactive Touch Screen Software for Control Center, Surveillance

Increase the possibilities of multimedia based systems by having several people operating at the same time. Complex work tasks can be executed faster and more efficiently by parallel operation -e.g. the coordination of projects, operation of control centers or administration of security systems.

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Interactive Touchscreen Software for Control Systems with Multiple Users
Control Center, Surveillance

Innovative solutions with MultiUser technology

The evolution of human-computer interaction: Unlimited amount of simultaneous input makes it possible to operate software jointly and simultaneously for the first time on large-scale Multitouch screens. Opening the gateway to a new world of innovative ideas and solutions for interactive applications of the future.

More info: MultiUser technologies
Interactive Digital Signage for Control Rooms

Interactive Digital Signage for Control Center, Surveillance

  • True teamwork

    Better communication by working together on a large interactive display.

  • Intuitive operation

    Faster inputs through intuitive touch gestures.

  • Efficient MultiUser technology

    Solve complex tasks faster and more efficiently with parallel inputs.

  • Haptic user interface

    Use object recognition technology to extend the scope with haptic interfaces.

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