Unlimited Multi-Touch & Multi-User Technology and Interaction

Enjoy Joint Operation of Multiuser Applications on Large-Scale Multitouch Displays: the Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction.

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Multitouch Technology


Touch future. Together! What has been successfully established on smartphones and tables, eyefactive brings to tables and walls in large scale: unlimited multitouch technology on seamless displays in any size and shape, combined with innovative multiuser software available through the world's first specialized touch screen AppStore.

Control by hand comes much more naturally than any input device - it needs no introduction and is instantly understood. Mouse and keyboard are a thing of the past.

MultiUser Technology

Evolution in Human-Computer-Interaction

From now on for any number of people it is possible to simultaneously operate an application in parallel or together as a team. This unlocks new potential for completely new applications in all sectors of industry and commerce. So far any conventional software has been designed for single user operation - until now!

MultiUser Software Development-Framework

MultiUser Software Development Framework

Multitouch Software Development Kit (SDK) for the development of professional multi user software for large-scale touch screen systems. Extensive functions for the fast and professional development of interactive apps.

More Info: SDK

Tracking Engine: EVOVIS

Unlimited Touch & Object Recognition

High performance image processing sofware with camera tracking for Multitouch technology on any surface. Unlimited Multitouch and object recognition.

More Info: EVOVIS Tracking-Engine


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