TOUCH Screens & Software for POS, Retail, Shop Window

Present Products Innovatively, Save Space & Costs with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for POS, Retail, Stores, Shop Windows. XXL MultiTouch Screens, Tables, Walls & Kiosk Terminals with Customized Software and Innovative Technologies.

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Interactive Multi Touch Displays, Tables & Shelves for Point of Sale, POS, Shops, Stores
Point of Sale (POS) - Retail, Store, Shop Window

Multitouch Displays, Virtual Shelves and Interactive Shop Windows at the POS

Large multitouch displays as tables, kiosk terminals or interactive shop windows for virtual product information in 24/7 operation even after closing time. Transparent displays with integrated touch screen as an innovative product showcase of the future.

  • Shelves with automatic product recognition

  • Interactive shop windows for 24/7 operation

  • Multitouch tables in different sizes

  • Transparent multitouch screens

  • Interactive info terminals & kiosk systems

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Interactive Touchscreen Software für POS, Point of Sale, Shops & Stores
Point of Sale (POS) - Retail, Store, Shop Window

Interactive Touch Screen Software for Point of Sale / POS

Access ready-made apps from the eyefactive AppStore and integrate your own content, logos & designs. Upon request, we also develop a completely individual solution according to your requirements.

  • Products, services & offers

    Interactive multimedia presentation of products, offers & services.

  • Virtual product shelves

    Interactive product catalogs with background information, shopping cart and order function.

  • Cross-channel marketing

    Use interfaces such as QR, RFID and NFC to directly send information to your customers' smartphones.

  • Special offers & contents

    Generate maximum attention for offers & competitions with interactive solutions.

  • Argumented reality

    Using transparent touch screens to combine real products with a virtual & interactive information layer.

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Object Recognition for Touchscreens at POS, Point of Sale
Point of Sale (POS) - Retail, Store, Shop Window

Barcodes of the Future - Product Recognition on Touch Screens

The simplest form of product presentation: As soon as a customer holds a product to the display, relevant information is displayed in the immediate vicinity on the touch screen. These can then be controlled further with your fingers. With smaller placeholders such as miniatures or cards, even very large or small products can be presented virtually on touch screens through object recognition.

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Virtual interactive Shelves with Touchscreens and Software
Point of Sale (POS) - Shop, Store, Shop Window

Virtual Shelves - Innovative Product Presentation of the Future

Let customers experience their products and brands interactively in a virtual environment: Product images, videos, and PDF brochures are intuitively controlled by hands on giant touch screens. Customers can place interesting articles in a virtual shopping cart and order them by entering their data via a virtual keyboard. Virtualize your product portfolio with digital shelves and save space and costs at the same time!

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Transparent Touchscreens: Augmented Reality for POS, Point of Sale, Shops & Stores
Point of Sale (POS) - Shop, Store, Shop Window

Transparent Touch Screens - Augmented Reality at POS

Be ahead of the time: Experience the product presentation of the future today: Display interactive digital information on a virtual level superimposed on the product, which is showcased behind a transparent touch screen.

More info: HYPEBOX
Interactive Digital Signage for Point of Sale, POS, Shop, Store, Shopping Window

Interactive Digital Signage for POS, Store, Shop Window

  • Sell more

    Combine your brand message with interactive infotainment to effectively convince your customers.

  • Save costs

    Save costs for logistics and storage and present your entire portfolio as a virtual product catalog.

  • Cross-channel marketing

    Use different channels and devices for effective cross-channel marketing.

  • Better presentation

    Use interactive multimedia content to present your products and services in the best possible way.

  • Customer advice on equal footing

    Advise customers on large touch screens with interactive and personal advice.

  • Measure your success

    Get valuable insights about your most successful content to continuously optimize your solution.

Retail: Customers & Case Studies

Learn more about our international interactive digital signage touchscreen installations, projects and customer case studies from the areas of retail and point of sale (POS).

s.Oliver implements Interactive Store Concept with Touchscreen Technologies
Retail Germany

s.Oliver implements Interactive Store Concept with Touchscreen Technologies

In a move to provide an interactive and engaging customer experience, German fashion brand s.Oliver has turned to digital signage touchscreen technologies to innovate its brick-and-mortar retail spaces.

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Interactive virtual shelves for the pharmacy of the future
Retail International

Interactive virtual shelves for the pharmacy of the future

The future of pharmacy product communication is here with fully automated multitouch counter displays and the ApoShelf software, individually developed for OPTIMUM-Media by eyefactive.

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