Tracking Software EVOVIS | Unlimited Touch & Object Recognition

High Performance Image Processing Software with Camera Tracking for Multitouch Technology on any Surface. Unlimited Multitouch and Object Recognition.

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Intelligent Image ProcessingSoftware EVOVIS

Optical Tracking Software for Unlimited Multitouch and Object Recognition

EVOVIS evaluates images from multiple cameras with the help of intelligent image processing algorithms and detects an unlimited amount of touches, movements and objects reliably, fast and precisely.

  • Interactive installations in special formats

    Interactive technology on any shaped surface.

  • High-performance multitouch tracking

    Fast, accurate and unlimited detection of touch points.

  • Unlimited object recognition

    Unlimited recognition of objects based on printable marker codes.

  • Touchless interaction

    Detection of movements and gestures without touching the display surface.

Multitouch Technologie Special Size

Interactive Technology on any Shaped Surface.

With eyefactive's intelligent, camera-based Multitouch tracking software EVOVIS you transform any surface into a touch screen of any size and shape, even round and curved touch screen surfaces can be realized. Edge-blending technology blends the images of all single modules together resulting in a seamless display without any visible gaps or intersections.

Fast Precise Multi Touch Technology

Fast, Accurate and Unlimited Detection of Touch Points.

The fastest and most accurate detection of touch points on the market: EVOVIS detects an unlimited number of touch points with the highest precision and speed. Convince yourself and test our systems live during a visit to our exhibition stands or showrooms.

Unlimited Object Recognition

Unlimited Recognition of Objects based on Printable Codes.

By means of camera-based tracking technology EVOVIS is not only capable to recognize touch and movements of fingers, but also the exact position and orientation of all kinds of different physical objects. This works via simply printable marker codes, based on the principle of QR codes.

Scalable Multitouch Technology

Realize Large-scale Interactive Installations.

EVOVIS can receive, assign and evaluate images from any number of cameras simultaneously in real time. In doing so, you can realize large-scale, interactive installations that go far beyond the dimensions of current LCD systems.

Touchless Interaction: Multimotion

Detection of Movements and Gestures Without Touching the Display Surface.

With its optical camera tracking, EVOVIS can also recognize and evaluate non-contact interactions based on silhouettes of several people. For example, you can realize interactive wall and floor projections.

Robust Multitouch-Tracking: Bright Ambient Light

Robust Tracking Even in Changing Ambient Light

EVOVIS automatically adapts to different and changing light situations and therefore continually provides optimal tracking results, even in bright daylight.

Multitouch Software Development

Software Development on all Common Platforms

EVOVIS sends out Multitouch control signals on the basis of defacto standard protocol TUIO. This way interactive applications can be developed in all common programming languages. Use the full potential for interactive Multitouch & multi user software development with eyefactive's touch screen software development kit (SDK).


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Logo: Multitouch Tracking Engine EVOVIS
Operationg system
Microsoft Windows TM 7 / 8 / 10
Interfaces / Protocols
TUIO / WinTouch
Supported Cameras
MatrixVision & Basler
Optical (Camera)
Amount: Touch points
Amount: Objects

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