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Customizable Multitouch Screen Software for all Interactive Digital Signage Touch Screen Displays, Tables, Videowalls & Kiosk Terminals. FREE Download.

App Store for Customizable Touchscreen Software

Download and customize multitouch apps easily via AppSuite CMS, manage through online cloud features. No programming required! Try for Free Now.

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Interactive software for all Multitouch screens, tables & walls

Easily customizable touch screen software via the eyefactive App Store - as well as individually developed multitouch software according to your requirements. Deployable on all interactive touch screen systems. For effective interactive digital signage at the point of sale, information, entertainment and collaboration.

Interactive Software for Multi Touch Displays, Tables, Walls
  • Software for all Touchscreens

    For all Multitouch screens, tables, walls, steles & kiosks.

  • Touchscreen App Platform

    Customizable apps in the first touchscreen app store.

  • Leading touchscreen technologies

    Unlimited multi-touch, multi-user & object recognition.

  • Interactive signage software

    E.g. for retail, infotainment & collaboration.

  • Online Cloud Management

    Manage systems, apps & projects easily via cloud features.

  • Custom software development

    Individual multitouch software according to your specifications.

Smart Retail Interactive Digital Signage Multitouch Software

Touch Screen Software for Effective Interactive Digital Signage

Ready to use multitouch apps, which can be easily customized: From interactive multimedia presentations, virtual maps, product catalogues, shopping cart systems and checkout features, to creative teamwork solutions and corporate communication. We are constantly expanding our range of professional digital signage software for smart retail, effective marketing and collaborative teamwork.

  • Point of Sale

    Virtual shelves, ordering function, cross-channel marketing.

  • Point of Information

    Wayfinding, visitorinformation, interactive exhibits.

  • Point of Entertainment

    Multiuser games, interactive ambiance and infotainment.

  • Point of Collaboration

    Creativity and planning for multiple users.

Touchscreen App Store Platform

World's first B2B Touchscreen App Platform

Similar to renowned app stores for smartphones and tablets, eyefactive develops the world's first B2B app platform for all professional, large-scale multitouch screens, tables, kiosk-terminals and videowalls.

  • AppStore - Online Marketplace

    The world's first B2B online marketplace for professional touchscreen systems.

  • AppSuite Touchscreen CMS

    Manage apps, projects & systems with eyefactive's easy to use touchscreen CMS software.

  • AppSDK - Multi-User Technology

    High-performance multi-touch & multi-user software development technology.

  • AppCloud - Online Management

    Online cloud distribution and management of apps, content and systems.

High-Performance Multitouch Software Technology

Leading Touch Screen Software Technologies

Every software / app is based on the software development kit (SDK) devised by eyefactive. The eyefactive SDK facilitates the development of high-performant, true multiuser software for the use on giant touch screens by several uses simultaneously - featuring unlimited number of touch points and integrated object recognition.

  • Unlimited Multitouch control

    Intuitive operation like on a smartphone.

  • True multiuser software

    Operate software together with several users.

  • Innovative object recognition

    Recognition of any object on the touch screen.

  • High-performance software technology

    Fast performance for mulitple users and high resolutions.


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Interactive Digital Signage Multitouch Software

The World´s First AppStore for Professional Touch Screens

Choose from an ever growing number of instantly usable interactive digital signage software in the first specialized AppStore for professional touch screen systems.

  • All touch screens connected in one app platform

  • Ready-to-use apps

  • Multitouch- & MultiUser technology

  • Download new apps & updates

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Touch Screen CMS Software AppSuite

AppSuite - Touch screen and CMS software

Every app can be customized individually via the intuitive touch screen content management software "AppSuite". By simple drag-and-drop you integrate your own content and designs easily - no programming skills needed!

  • All-in-one touch screen CMS software

  • Customize apps

  • Integrated object recognition

  • Free download

AppSuite: Free Download

AppCloud - Online Cloud Management

AppCloud - Online Cloud Management

With a variety of cloud features, customers and partners can easily and conveniently configure, update and control their systems, apps and projects online.

  • Manage Projects, Apps and Systems via Cloud

  • Manage Your Licences (SaaS)

  • Online Distribution and Synchronisation

  • Cloud Monitoring of Your Systems

  • Analytics Suite for Touch Data

Individual Multitouch Screen Software Development

Individual Software Development According to Your Specifications

With eyefactive's multiple-awarded Multitouch & multiuser technologies, multiple users control multimedia applications simultaneously together on large-scale touch screens. From extensions of existing conventional apps all the way to the development of a whole, new, individual app - We realize bespoke software solutions for your business!

  • Individual features or completely new applications & apps

  • Multitouch software for all touch screen systems

  • Innovative MultiUser software solutions

  • Innovative technologies and interfaces, e.g. object recognition

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Learn how to use eyefactive's touchscreen CMS software AppSuite to create your own exciting interactive signage solutions.

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