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Our multi-touch and multi-user products of interactive software, technologies, hardware and services. Touchscreen displays, tables, steles, kiosk terminals and videowalls in various sizes and formats. Innovative solutions for successful interactive digital signage projects for the point of sale, infotainment and collaboration.

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Touchscreen Products: Software, Hardware, Technologies, Services

Multi Touch Screen Software

All touchscreens, one app platform: Use apps on all large-scale touch screens, tables, kiosk terminals, steles or videowalls. Customizing ready-to-use apps - instead of developing from scratch - saves you time, effort and money.

Touchscreen Apps


Choose from a growing number of apps and widgets from different categories.

  • Ready-to-use apps

  • Your own content & designs

  • Multitouch- & MultiUser technology

  • Combine apps & widgets

  • Integrated object recognition

Touchscreen AppStore


The world's first B2B online marketplace for professional touchscreen systems.

Touchscreen CMS Software AppSuite


Manage apps, projects & systems with eyefactive's easy to use touchscreen CMS software.

Touchscreen Cloud Management


Online cloud distribution and management of apps, content and systems.

Touchscreen Software Development Kit - Framework


High-performance multi-touch & multi-user software development technology.

Innovative Touchscreen Technologies

Innovation is in our DNA: Since 2009, eyefactive has been developing innovative technologies in the field of interactive digital signage, smart retail, multi-touch and multi-user. They are the basis for all products and individual solutions.

Technology: Touch Screen Object Recognition

Touch Screen Object Recognition

Multitouch object recognition / detection for all interactive touch screen systems.

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Technology: Smart Retail Touchscreen Solutions

Smart Retail Technologies

Touchscreen Technologies for smart Omni-Channel Retail Solutions.

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Technology: MultiTouch & MultiUser

Multi-Touch & Multi-User Technology

Control applications together with multiple users on large-scale touch screens.

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Technology: MultiTouch Software Development Kit SDK

MultiTouch SDK Software Framework

Interactive software development with eyefactive's software development kit (SDK).

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Technology: MultiTouch Tracking-Engine EVOVIS

Tracking Engine EVOVIS

High-performance recognition of unlimited touch points and objects.

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Multitouch Systems

Our touchscreen hardware products are based on high-quality displays with HD / UHD resolution, premium multitouch sensors and many options for individual adjustments and expansions.

LCD MultiTouch Systems

ALPHA Multitouch Tables

Variations Object Recognition Gadgets

Robust multitouch tables in various sizes with object recognition.

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TAURUS Multitouch Tables

Variations Object Recognition Gadgets

Robust multitouch tables in UHD resolution and object recognition.

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NEXUS MultiTouch Table

Variations Object Recognition Gadgets

UHD multitouch tables with object recognition in slim design.

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APOLLO Round MultiTouch Tables

Variations Gadgets

Round multitouch tables in various sizes and formats.

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ATLAS MultiTouch Counters

Variations Gadgets

Super-sized multitouch bar counter tables in various sizes and formats.

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DELTA Multitouch Kiosks

Variations Object Recognition Gadgets

Interactive multitouch kiosk terminals in various sizes and formats.

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PHOENIX Multitouch Kiosks

Variations Gadgets

Interactive multitouch kiosk terminals in various sizes and formats.

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MIRA MultiTouch Self-Order Kiosk

Variations Gadgets

Interactive Self-Order Kiosk Terminals with various gadgets.

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SIGMA MultiTouch Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

Varianten Gadgets

Automatic & contact-less hand sanitizer kiosks with touchscreen.

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TALOS Multitouch Steles

Variations Gadgets

Interactive multitouch steles / totems in various sizes and formats.

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HYPEBOX Transparent Multitouch Screens

Variations Gadgets

Interactive box with transparent touch screen in various sizes and formats.

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POLARIS Transparent OLED Touchscreens


Innovative OLED MultiTouch Displays in different versions.

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SAPPHIRE Interactive Shop Window Displays


Interactive shop window with multitouch screen in various sizes and formats.

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Multitouch Displays / Monitors

Variations Object Recognition

Interactive touch screen displays in various sizes and formats.

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Multitouch Videowalls

Variations Gadgets

Interactive multitouch video walls in various sizes and formats.

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We offer extensive and diverse services around interactive touch screen hardware, software and technologies.

Services (Overview)
Touchscreen Service: Free Consultation, Individual Offers

Individual Consultation

We advise you without obligation and free of charge and will be happy to prepare an individual offer.

Touchscreen Service: Technology Workshops - Digital Signage Innovation Center Hamburg

Technology Workshops

Book your personal tour in the first Digital Signage Innovation Center in Hamburg's Speicherstadt or in our office showroom.

Touchscreen Service: Virtual Product Tours & Presentations

Virtual Product Tours

Individual product presentations according to your wishes: online, live & personally via video conference.

Touchscreen Service: AppSuite Academy - Workshops CMS Software

AppSuite Academy

Get to know our touchscreen CMS software AppSuite in proven workshops in small groups.

Touchscreen Service: MultiTouch Software Development Individual

Software Development

From extensions of existing apps to completely new touch screen applications, we implement the right software solution for you.

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