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Interactive multi touch screen products: Hardware, software & technologies. Displays, tables, steles, kiosks and video walls in various sizes and formats. Innovative solutions for successful interactive digital signage projects.

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LCD Multitouch Systems

Our touch screen products are based on high-quality LCD displays with HD / UHD resolution, premium multitouch sensors and many options for individual adjustments and expansions.

LCD MultiTouch Systems

ALPHA Multitouch Tables

Interactive multitouch tables in various sizes and formats.

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DELTA Multitouch Kiosks

Interactive multitouch kiosk terminals in various sizes and formats.

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TALOS Multitouch Steles

Interactive multitouch steles / totems in various sizes and formats.

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HYPEBOX Transparent Multitouch Screens

Interactive box with transparent touch screen in various sizes and formats.

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SAPPHIRE Interactive Shop Window Displays

Interactive shop window with multitouch screen in various sizes and formats.

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Multitouch Displays / Monitors

Interactive touch screen displays in various sizes and formats.

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Multitouch Videowalls

Interactive multitouch video walls in various sizes and formats.

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TAURUS Multitouch Tables

Interactive multitouch tables in 65'' UHD resolution.

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XXL Multitouch Systems with Rear-Projection Technology

Multitouch systems based on rear-projection and true optical camera tracking technology for unlimited touch points and unlimited object recognition using simple printable markers.

Rear Projection MultiTouch Systems

OMEGA Multitouch Module System

Round and curved multitouch tables and walls XXL.

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AURORA Round Multitouch Tables

Interactive tables with round 360° touch screen display.

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AEON Robust Multitouch Tables

Robust multitouch tables in custom designs.

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Products: Multi Touch Screen Software and App Store
AppStore - Logo MultiTouch Software

Multi Touch Screen Software

Easily customizable touch screen software via the eyefactive Online App Store - as well as individually developed multitouch software according to your requirements. Deployable on all interactive touch screen systems. For effective interactive digital signage at point of sale, information, entertainment and collaboration.

  • Customizable apps

  • Touch screen CMS

  • Online app store

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Innovative Technologies

Innovation is in our DNA: Since 2007, eyefactive has been developing innovative technologies in the field of interactive digital signage, which are today the basis for existing and new hardware & software solutions.

Technology: Touch Screen Object Recognition

Touch Screen Object Recognition

Multitouch object recognition / detection for all interactive touch screen systems.

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Technology: MultiTouch & MultiUser

Multi-Touch & Multi-User Technology

Control applications together with multiple users on large-scale touch screens.

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Technology: MultiTouch Software Development Kit SDK

MultiTouch SDK Software Framework

Interactive software development with eyefactive's software development kit (SDK).

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Technology: MultiTouch Tracking-Engine EVOVIS

Tracking Engine EVOVIS

High-performance recognition of unlimited touch points and objects.

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Service & Individual development

  • Free consultation

    We are pleased to support with free consultation and individual offers.

  • Custom hardware

    Special touch screen solutions according to your individual requirements.

  • Custom software

    From extensions of existing conventional apps all the way to the development of a whole, new, individual software.

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