Multitouch Software Development Framework | SDK

Multitouch Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Development of Professional Multi-user Software for large-scale touch screens, tables & walls.

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Development-Framework for Touch Screen Systems

Development Framework for Large-scale Touch Screen Systems

The eyefactive SDK facilitates the development of high-performant, true multiuser software for the use on giant touch screens by several uses simultaneously - featuring unlimited number of touch points and integrated object recognition.

  • Established Multitouch development framework

  • High-performance for large resolutions

  • Innovative multi user software technology

  • Extensive multimedia support


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With the Software Development Kit (SDK) eyefactive created a development framework specifically designed for innovative multitouch and multiuser operation. Therefore it differs substantially from traditional development platforms.

he SDK plays a much bigger role than being a mere interface between user input and applications. It provides a multitude of features which allow for the creation of novel interactive apps designed to constantly run at high speed on large displays with unlimited touch capacity in just about no time. The integration of various multimedia formats from images, PDF documents to videos is accomplished very easily.

  • Established framework

    Since 2009 eyefactive develops the SDK as one of the pioneers in professional touch screen software technologies.

  • Extensive features

    Achieve immediate results with just a few lines of code, using various pre-built features, libraries, widgets and interfaces.

  • Professional platform

    Develop native applications based on C++ / OpenGL. Strictly modular, object-orientated and extensible.

  • High-performance technology

    Create super-fast touch screen applications to run on any touch screens, tables, terminals or video walls.

  • Multi user software technology

    Develop innovative software with true Multitouch & multiuser support without any limitations.

  • Multimedia support

    Use extensive media content directly in your apps: graphics, PDFs, videos and 3D models.

  • Widget library

    Use standard interactive elements such as windows, buttons or sliders with integrated Multitouch functionality: activate, drag, rotate, scale, etc.

  • Style system

    Due to a separated style-sheet architecture, the visual design of your apps can be dynamically changed and extended.

  • Picking system

    Enables you to make any object controllable. User input is automatically connected to virtual elements.

  • Flexible event handling

    Connect activating elements like buttons or tabs with a flexible event-handling system.

  • Various animations

    Animate objects in many impressive ways. Multiple parameters can be animated.

  • Form manager

    Assemble flexible forms for data input. A virtual keyboard opens for logins or email-adress.

  • File browser

    Allow users to access files with a standardized but flexible file browser.

  • FX / Eyecandy

    Extend your apps with spectacular effects to let users create impressive visual highlights by touching the display.

  • Interfaces

    Support for standard Multitouch protocols: TUIO and WinTouch.

  • Web browser

    Integrate web-based content easily: websites, youtube-clips or HTML5 apps.


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Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Programming language
Boost, OpenGL, LUA, Poco, ...
Supported media
Graphics, Videos, PDF, 3D, 360° Pictures & Videos