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Develop more creative solutions together with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for Meetings & Teamwork. XXL MultiTouch Screens, Tables, Walls & Kiosk Terminals with Customized Software and Innovative Technologies.

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Multitouch Screen Terminal Videowall for Meeting Room and Headquarter
Meeting Room & Headquarter

Interactive Touch Screens, Walls & Tables for Meetings & Creative Teamwork

For the first time large interactive multitouch screens, tables & walls offer the possibility to use applications jointly and silmutaneously with several persons. Use innovative technologies to facilitate creative teamwork in your company.

  • Large-scale interactive video walls

  • Multitouch tables in different sizes

  • Interactive info terminals & kiosk systems

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MultiUser Software for Teamwork, Meetings, Mindmaps
Meeting Room & Headquarter

Interactive Touch Screen Software for Creative Teamwork

Gather several people around an interactive Multitouch system and promote communication within the team, creating a positive, creative, motivated and productive working environment. Take advantage of the new opportunities to create schedules, mind maps, drawings and layouts together, which subsequently can be shared and processed further on a laptop or PC.

  • MultiUser mindmaps

    Team Brainstorming: Create interactive mind maps together.

  • Layouts & designs

    Working together to develop concepts on interactive views.

  • Process documents

    Intuitively add notes and annotations to documents and media.

More info: MultiUser software

Interactive Touchscreen Software for Teams: Mindmaps, Whiteboard, Layouts
Meeting Room & Headquarter

Innovative Software Solutions with Multiuser Technology

The evolution of human-computer interaction: The possibility of an unlimited number of simultaneous input has facilitated the simultaneous joint operation of software on a large Multitouch display for the first time in history. This opens the door to a whole new world of innovative ideas and solutions for the interactive applications of the future.

More info: MultiUser technologies
Interactive Digital Signage for Unternehmen, Meeting Room, Headquarter

Interactive Digital Signage for Teams

  • True teamwork

    Better communication by working together on a large interactive display.

  • Intuitive operation

    Faster inputs through intuitive touch gestures.

  • Efficient MultiUser technology

    Solve complex tasks faster and more efficiently with parallel inputs.

  • Haptic user interface

    Use object recognition technology to extend the scope with haptic interfaces.

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