Touchscreen object recognition for IR, PCAP, InGlass and optical touch systems

Touchscreen Object Recognition | PCAP, IR, Frames, InGlassTM, Optical

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Innovative recognition of objects on touchscreens

Object recognition for all touchscreen displays: PCAP, IR, Frames, InGlassTM & Optical. For regular LCD / LED touchscreens or huge rear-projection systems.

Touchscreen object recognition: Connect the digital with the physical world!
  • Various use cases

    Innovation for point of sale, information, entertainment.

  • Buy or rent markers

    Get markers now from eyefactive.

  • Software for object recognition

    Separate tracking tool, apps and widgets for object recognition available.

  • Object recognition for all touchscreen

    Capacitive (PCAP), optical (IR frame), InGlassTM, optical (camera).

Touchscreen object recognition: Easy access to information

Easy access to information

Users can access the information in demand by simply placing a physical object on the touchscreen surface.

With eyefactive's object recognition technologies objects will be recognized like magic as soon as they are placed on the display.

Download: Infopaper

Physical marker objects / fiducials

Now available: Markers / Tangibles for PCAP touchscreens

Round, compact markers / tangibles which can be easily attached to any object. Passive, no batteries required. Fingerprint-like patterns can be recognized, assigned to unique IDs and used for different actions within the software.

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Printed object marker tags

Pritable marker codes

Use small & easily printed tags to use up to 65.000 unique IDs in your application with eyefactive's camera-based touchscreens.

Physical marker / object

Object detection within AppSuite: Free download

Object recognition is an complimentary feature integrated in the eyefactive AppSuite. You can download and test AppSuite Touch-CMS software for free in eyefactive's AppStore here:

AppStore: Download AppSuite
Documentation & Support

Printed object marker tags

MORE Software Tool

Use interactive object recognition in your own custom touchscreen software development projects. The MORE software tool enables you to integrate object detection on any touch screen system. The data is sent via the TUIO protocol and can be used in almost any programming language.

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