Tangible Object Recognition | Touchscreens, Tables, Walls

Tangible Touchscreen Object Recognition / Detection for All Interactive Displays, Tables & Videowalls: Capacitive (PCAP), IR Frame, Optical (Camera).

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Object Recognition for Multi Touch Screens

Object Recognition for all Touch Screen Systems

The recognition of objects on large-scale touch screens utilizes the well-known principle of the cashier barcode scanning system and takes it to a new level: objects which are equipped with a special marker chip or printed code can be detected and processed from Multitouch displays in real-time.

  • Object recognition for all touch screens

    Capacitive (PCAP), optical (IR frame), InGlassTM, optical (camera).

  • Various use cases

    Innovation for point of sale, information, entertainment.

  • Buy or rent tangible marker objects

    Get tangible marker chips & templates from eyefactive.

  • Software for object recognition

    Apps and widgets for object recognition available.

Touchscreen Software with Object-Recognition

Innovative Upgrade for Your Touch Screen Hardware

Complement your touch screens and interactive systems by adding premium object recognition technology - no need for expensive additional hardware, simply add our software plugin. Standardized marker objects as well as custom designs can be acquired on request.

  • AppSuite: Free download

    Technology integrated in our touch screen CMS software.

  • Addon for your own software development

    Use object recognition for your own custom software projects.

  • Tangible Marker chips for LCD touch screens

    Get standardized marker chips & templates from eyefactive.

  • Marker codes for rear projection based touch screens

    Use eyefactive's templates for printable codes.


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Advantages: Why Touch Screen Object-Recognition?

Why object recognition for large-scale touch screen systems?

  • Instant information

    Open content directly, no more complicated menus.

  • Personalization

    Welcome guests and customers individually.

  • Product comparison

    Virtually compare real products on the display.

  • Special access

    Make content available only to selected personnel.

  • Safe and transfer data

    Save information on an object and open it externally.

  • Natural user interface

    Move, filter, rotate and zoom virtual elements haptically.

  • Gaming & effects

    Control interactive games with touchable objects on the display.

Object Recognition: Comparison

So-called marker objects (markers) simulate a steady pattern consisting out of 3-4 touch points, which will be automatically learned and saved by our algorithm. Every fingerprint-like pattern is allocated an unique identification number, which can be used for different actions within the software.

On interactive systems with optical camera tracking specific codes can be used. These codes similar to QR codes with a black and white pattern can be printed on any material. Advantage: unlimited identification numbers (IDs).

IR-Frame Marker Object Recognition

Optical (IR)

Physical: Protruding
~7,5 cm ⌀
Numer of IDs
1 - 30
Capacitive PCAP Marker Object Recognition

Capacitive (PCAP)

Physical: Conductive
~7,5 cm ⌀
Number of IDs
1 - 10
Optical Camera Print Marker Object Recognition

Optical (Camera)

Rear projection
Optical structure
~4x3 cm
Number of IDs


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There are many different designations of interactive objects for touch screens, e.g. markers, marker objects, fiducials or "tangible objects". They all denominate physical auxiliaries different in shape and size, we call them markers. They can be recognized by the touch screen. Various technologies exist on the market: Some markers use optical recognition and can simply be printed similar to QR codes. Others use an integrated specific technology or mechanism and are generally a bit bigger in size. The markers are mounted or glued for instance to the actual object as an auxiliary.

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Buy or rent object recognition / detection technology

You can buy or rent multitouch object recognition / detection technologies as well as tangible objects and markers for permanent installations or temporary trade shows.

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