TOUCH Screens & Software for Museum, Gallery, Science Center

Transport Information More Effectively with Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Solutions for Museums, Galleries, Science Center. XXL MultiTouch Screens, Tables, Walls & Kiosk Terminals with Customized Software and Innovative Technologies.

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Multitouch Screens for Museum, Science Center, Roadshow & Gallery
Museum, Science Center, Gallery

Interactive Exhibits: MultiTouch Info Screens, Intelligent Shelves & Product Catalogs

Use interactive touch screen systems as innovative information displays and delight your visitors. Smart virtual shelves recognize objects taken from a tray and display directly relevant information on the display. Behind transparent touch screens, you can simultaneously connect real objects to a virtual information layer in front of them.

  • Large-scale interactive video walls

  • Interactive info terminals & kiosk systems

  • Transparent multitouch screens

  • Shelves with automatic product recognition

  • Seamless multitouch displays in special formats

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Interactive Software for Museum, Science Center, Roadshow, Gallery
Museum, Science Center, Gallery

Various Uses for Museum, Science Center & Gallery

Access ready-made apps from the eyefactive AppStore and integrate your own content, logos & designs. Upon request, we also develop a completely individual solution according to your wishes.

  • Multimedia Presentation

    Interactive information with pictures, videos & 3D models.

  • MultiUser Games

    Interactive games for multiple users at the same time.

  • Interactive Quiz

    Playful learning through interactive question games.

  • Interactive Ambience

    Interactive tables, walls & floors with special effects that respond to touch and objects.

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Object Recognition for Museum, Science-Center, Roadshow, Gallery
Museum, Science Center, Gallery

Innovative Technology - Object Recognition on Touch Screens

With eyefactive´s object recognition technology a touch screen can recognize any object. From visuals effects under a glass or a bottle, to information being directly superimposed on real products, to starting new apps on the entire display - the possibilities are endless!

More info: Interactive technologies

Multitouch Screen Software for Museum, Science Center, Roadshow & Gallery
Museum, Science Center, Gallery

Communicate Complex Content in a Playful Way

Make information accessible to your visitors: with interactive software, knowledge topics are presented in an exciting manner in a multimedia format and can be intuitively controlled and experienced with the hands.

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Interactive Digital Signage for Museum, Science Center, Roadshow, Gallery

Interactive Digital Signage for Museum, Science Center, Exhibition & Gallery

  • Effective Infotainment

    Combine your message with interactive infotainment to reach your audience most effectively.

  • Be innovative

    Outplay your competitors and be the first to implement innovative technologies.

  • Get valuable feedback

    Get to know your customer's demands with interactive forms and feedback features.

  • Reduce waiting times

    On large touch screen systems multiple users can interact simultanously.

  • Save costs

    Instead of new equipment, you can always switch digital content and applications at any time.

Museum: Customers & Case Studies

Learn more about our international interactive digital signage touchscreen installations, projects and customer case studies from the areas of museums and science center.

Large Format MultiTOUCH Table for SwissMem
Museum Switzerland

Large Format MultiTOUCH Table for SwissMem

With a spectacular multitouch table measuring 5 sqm, eyefactive presented the by then largest seamless rear-projection multitouch display of the world.

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Touchscreen Apps for Football Museum in Ecuador
Museum Ecuador

Touchscreen Apps for Football Museum in Ecuador

Interactivity is written in capital letters at the new museum of the Ecuadorian Football Federation: Several multiuser apps go into action on a 3x2m multitouch table consisting of six connected 55'' LCD touchscreens.

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