Smart Retail Technologies for POS

Interactive Smart Retail Technologies for POS: Touchscreens & Software, Object Recognition, Mobile Payment, Retail Analytics, Face Recognition and many more.

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Smart Retail Technologies for the Point of Sale (POS)

Innovative Smart Retail Technologies for the Point of Sale

With growing competition from e-commerce, retailers are under tremendous pressure to innovate and digitize their customers' experience. It will be crucial for brick and mortar stores to deliver a seamless multi-channel customer experience in-store in the future. Numerous studies validate the positive impact of retail technology on the customer journey in-store, from product discovery to smoother checkout.

Why Smart Retail Technologies?

  • +30% Higher Revenue

    Self-order vending machines with touchscreen technology can lead to a 30% higher revenue1.

  • 8x Higher Impact

    Interactive signage is 8 times more impactful than static content2.

  • +66% Positive Influence

    More than 2/3 of customers say that positive experiences influence their purchase decisions3.


Smart Retail: Touchscreen Systems
Smart Retail Technologies

Interactive Touchscreen Systems

Use different touchscreen systems such as displays, tables, kiosk terminals or huge videowalls - in combination with customizable multitouch apps to present your content, brands and products in an innovative way. With interactive displays systems, customers can get individual information - and retailers save space, resources and costs.

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Smart Retail: Touchscreen Software Apps
Smart Retail Technologies

Customizable Touchscreen Apps

Every touchscreen hardware needs a corresponding software to make optimal use of the advantages of large interactive displays. With the eyefactive AppStore, a whole platform with ready-to-use apps of different categories is available. With customizable touchscreen apps, retailers can develop innovative solutions for interactive customer experiences with minimal effort, and without any programming knowledge.

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Smart Retail: Touchscreen Object Recognition & Detection
Smart Retail Technologies

Touchscreen Object Recognition

Amaze customers with innovative object recognition on any touchscreen system: Products are magically recognized by the displays as soon as they are placed on the surface or held up to a screen. Depending on the application, additional virtual information open on the screen, which can then be further operated via intuitive touch control.

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Smart Retail: Mobile Payment
Smart Retail Technologies

Innovative Payment Solutions

Offer your customers new payment options: In addition to the classic cards, payments can now also be made via smartphone or smartwatch as "mobile payment". In combination with touchscreens or interactive self-order terminals and respective software solutions, new innovative store concepts can be realized.

Payment & Checkout Solutions (Youtube)

Smart Retail: Smartphone Integration for Omni-Channel Marketing
Smart Retail Technologies

Smartphone Integration for Omni-Channel Marketing at the POS

Integrate your customers' smartphones into the interactive shopping experience at the point of sale: Simple logins or entire order processes can be completed on your customers' mobile devices using QR codes. In addition, take advantage of the wide range of social media functions for interactive omni-channel store concepts.

Smart Retail: Touchscreen Self-Order Kiosk Terminals
Smart Retail Technologies

Self-Order Terminals

At the POS, customers can browse the entire product portfolio independently at interactive self-order terminals and put together a virtual shopping cart. By integrating QR codes or payment interfaces, the payment process can also be fully automated.

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Smart Retail: Product Scanners
Smart Retail Technologies

Product Scanners

Product scanners are an alternative to smart shelves: customers hold the desired product at a marked location where the scanner is installed. The relevant information appears immediately on the screen. Customers can then get additional information about the product by intuitive touch control on the screen. Scanners read barcodes, QR codes, RFID or NFC.

Smart Retail: Intelligent Shelves
Smart Retail Technologies

Smart Shelves

Smart shelves (or intelligent shelves) combine real products with virtual information and display technology to present product information in engaging multimedia form. As soon as a customer takes a product from the shelf, the appropriate information about the product is automatically shown on the display. Therefore, the products are marked with NFC or RFID sensors.

Smart Retail: Virtual Shelves - Endless Aisle
Smart Retail Technologies

Virtual Shelves: Endless Aisle

The term "Endless Aisle" describes the concept of presenting the complete product portfolio to customers at the point of sale in digital form. This includes, for example, products that are not currently available. Customers are thus offered a complete shopping experience, while retailers can save costs to a large extent through less space, reduced stock and fewer staff required.

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Smart Retail: Transparent Displays - Augmented Reality
Smart Retail Technologies

Augmented Reality via Transparent Displays

Innovative product presentation of the future: A semi-transparent display creates a virtual information layer in front of the physical product. Augmented reality allows retailers to combine real products with virtual information. Customers can also get additional information about the products on the transparent touchscreen by inutitive touch input.

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Smart Retail: Analytics & Face Recognition
Smart Retail Technologies

Retail Analytics & Face Recognition

Interactive touchscreen solutions enable retailers for the first time to measure and evaluate real "click data" at the POS using touch points. Valuable information that was previously only available in e-commerce. With true retail analytics, retailers can evaluate their innovative store concepts in detail and optimize them effectively. In combination with anonymized face recognition technology, further valuable data about your customers can be obtained.

Smart Retail: Interactive Shop Window Displays
Smart Retail Technologies

Interactive Shop Windows for 24/7 Shopping Experiences

With interactive window displays you can inform your customers interactively at any time - even after closing hours - 24/7 continuous operation. All technology is sits behind the shop window - hence it is ideally protected.

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Retail Tech: Shoppable Videos
Smart Retail Technologies

Shoppable Videos

With interactive videos, customers can easily open the products they want by tapping on the corresponding product in the video itself.

Information about products and elements in videos can be opened in virtual windows (widgets), various media formats are available.

Shoppable Videos (Youtube)

Smart Retail: XXL Videowalls
Smart Retail Technologies

XXL Touchscreen Video Walls

Single displays can be combined to form supersized video walls. Adding an infrared (IR) touch frame, the huge interactive display can be used interactively - for innovative multi-user experiences.

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Benefits & Features: Smart Retail Technologies

Benefits of Smart Retail Technologies

  • Sell more

    Combine your brand message with interactive infotainment to effectively convince your customers.

  • Save costs

    Save costs for logistics and storage and present your entire portfolio as a virtual product catalog.

  • Cross-channel marketing

    Use different channels and devices for effective cross-channel marketing.

  • Better presentation

    Use interactive multimedia content to present your products and services in the best possible way.

  • Measure your success

    Get valuable insights about your most successful content to continuously optimize your solution.



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