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Touchscreen omni-channel retail software for use at the point of sale (POS). Customizable app for all multitouch screens, tables and self-order kiosks. Try for free!

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Retail Touchscreen App: Point of Sale / POS: Shopping Assistant

Interactive Omni-Channel Product-Guide for POS

Turn a visit to your store into an interactive experience: Your customers can browse through the entire digital product catalog on a large touchscreen directly in the store. The virtual shopping assistant takes them by the hand and offers various search functions to find the desired products quickly and easily.

The app supports a variety of different media formats such as product images, videos, PDF brochures or 3D models. It covers the complete customer journey: Various checkout options wrap-up the shopping experience and connect the offline world in the store with the e-commerce experience of the online world.

Omni-Channel Touchscreen Software for Retail & POS
  • Omni-Channel Retail Software

    The app combines the local shopping experience with the online world of e-commerce.

  • For all touchscreens

    The app runs on all multitouch screens, tables, kiosks & videowalls.

  • Virtual shopping guide

    Customers can easily find products and respective information.

  • Various checkout options

    E-Mail, receipt printer, smartphone integration, mobile payment, and more...

  • E-Commerce integration

    Simply synchronize data from existing online shop systems or product databases.

  • Individual design

    Simple customization via CMS and InApp-Editor - no programming skills required!


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ShoppingAssistant vs. Store Shelves

The digitalization of previously existing analog store shelves offers a variety of innovative possibilities and advantages:

  • Higher customer satisfaction

    Faster processing of customers means less queuing.

  • Reduces costs

    Fewer consulting personnel and fewer products required on site.

  • All products available

    Your entire product portfolio is available in digitalized form.

  • Innovative product presentation

    Through multimedia information, products can be presented in a more diverse way.

  • Cross-Channel Marketing

    Integration of smartphones through interfaces like QR, RFID and NFC.

  • Realtime Analytics

    You can accurately measure the input of your customers on a touchscreen - and thus effectively optimize your marketing!

ShoppingAssistant vs. Websites

Compared to the simple presentation of the online store on a touchscreen, eyefactive's App ShoppingAssistant offers a variety of advantages and features:

  • Seamless User Experience

    High performance through offline availability of all data.

  • Optimized User Interface

    MultiTouch gesture support for true smartphone feeling.

  • Integration of various interfaces

    Possibility to support voice control, face recognition, scanners, printers, and much more...

  • Advanced Payment

    Mobile payment with the smartphone, card payment and much more...

  • Integration of online shops

    Connection of the existing online store via standardized interfaces.

  • Security

    Compared to a browser, a user cannot exit the app or switch to another website.

Why Touchscreen Omni-Channel Software for Retail?

Why customizable apps for large-scale multitouch screens?

  • Amaze Customers, Boost Sales

    Offer exciting interactive experiences at the point of sale (POS). Get maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

  • Ready-to-use apps

    Customizing ready-to-use apps - instead of developing from scratch - saves you time, effort and money.

  • Easy customization

    Use AppSuite touchscreen CMS with a simple drag-and-drop interface - no programming skills required!

  • MultiTouch control

    Control apps, widgets and media elements easily with intuitive touch gestures - like on your smartphone.

  • High performance

    Smooth operation on large-scale touchscreens in HD, UHD or other resolutions.

  • Additional services

    From data integration to individual development of new features.

  • Flexible pricing

    Software-as-a-Service (SAAS).

Customer Case Study

Case Study

Award-winning POS Software Solution for Zwilling

In cooperation with muse content GmbH eyefactive develops an interactive touchscreen software for Zwilling as an innovative store concept for the retail space.

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Touchscreen App Store Platform

World's first B2B Touchscreen App Platform

Similar to renowned app stores for smartphones and tablets, eyefactive develops the world's first B2B app platform for all professional, large-scale multitouch screens, tables, kiosk-terminals and videowalls.

  • AppStore - Online Marketplace

    The world's first B2B online marketplace for professional touchscreen systems.

  • AppSuite Touchscreen CMS

    Manage apps, projects & systems with eyefactive's easy to use touchscreen CMS software.

  • AppSDK - Multi-User Technology

    High-performance multi-touch & multi-user software development technology.

  • AppCloud - Online Management

    Online cloud distribution and management of apps, content and systems.

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