Touchscreen technology at Retail Digital Signage Expo London 2017

London, here we come! Once again, the two multitouch specialists eyefactive and 3M revealed new possibilities for the retail sector. At London's largest exhibition center Olympia, it got super busy during the Retail Digital Signage Expo and Retail Business Technology Expo. The two companies presented the streamlined and elegant multitouch table ALPHA, a combination of the high-end touchscreen from 3M and the latest touchscreen content management system (CMS) AppSuite from eyefactive.

By simply combining ready-to-use apps from eyefactive's touchscreen app store, everyone can create their one and only software portfolio with AppSuite in an instant. This concept does not only eliminate complex structures and excessive costs of a custom-developed software, but also extends the possibilities of individual branding for corporates significantly. Take the top-sale app "HotSpots" for example: by swapping the background and integrating your content with widgets or other apps, it can be used as a wayfinder in exhibition centers, or can suddenly turn into an interactive map to display a company´s oversea branches.

The miniature versions of product models on the touch table caught a lot of attention. Similar to a product catalogue but with endless more features it gave potential customers the possibility to experience the ALPHA table for the first time. The key function of ALPHA is object recognition, but especially the various implementations on LCD touchscreens have become a trending topic recently.

Thanks to the precision of the 3M touchscreens and the integrated object recognition feature in the eyefactive AppSuite, several different objects can be recognized all at the same time. By means of thin chips attached to physical objects, customers can obtain product information instantaneously when placing an object on the table. Thereby, retailers can extend their product range virtually and increase the involvement of a potential customer effectively.

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