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2016 / 09 | Event

Large-scale touchscreens amaze visitors at dmexco 2016

Furthermore eyefactive showcased the abilities of their customizable apps from their own digital signage AppStore on LCD-based touchscreens by their partners Philips and 3M. The newly developed object recognition for LCD touchscreens was presented on an interactive table with a 46" PCAP touchscreen by 3M. Visitors could engage in a racing game via tiny metal steering wheels placed directly on the display. Every single racing car was controlled by turning the respective steering wheel.

2016 / 07 | Intern

AppSuite Release 2.0

Interactive touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in the digital signage market. However, every hardware requires a suitable software to meet the specific demands of each client. eyefactive provides its own app platform to get every system up and running.

2016 / 06 | Intern

Touchscreen Object Recognition | PCAP, IR, Frames, InGlassTM, Optical

Object recognition for all touchscreen displays: PCAP, IR, Frames, InGlassTM & Optical. For regular LCD / LED touchscreens or huge rear-projection systems.

2016 / 02 | Press

ISE 2016: Interactive Signage XXL

A three meter long s-shaped counter with a seamless touchscreen exhibited the possibilities of special formats and sizes in combination with the modular multitouch system OMEGA. Its unlimited touch and object recognition gained a lot of attention at the eyefactive booth. Also the circular multitouch table AURORA with its ability to recognize glasses gained a lot of praise among visitors.

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