MultiTouch Hand Sanitizer Kiosk SIGMA

Contactless hand sanitizer kiosk with multitouch display. Easy to refill with your own disinfectants. Touchscreen apps available.

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Hand Sanitizer Kiosk with Touchscreen

Gain customer's trust, communicate information effectively

The contactless, automatic hand sanitizer kiosk terminal offers optimum protection for your customers and employees. It combines the possibilities of an interactive touchscreen solution with the protection of a simple, touchless hand disinfection. The integrated multitouch screen offers a familiar smartphone-like touch experience at the point of sale and point of information. Use any disinfectant, these can be refilled easily and quickly.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk with Touchscreen
  • Contact-less hand desinfection

    Automatic hand sanitizer via IR sensor

  • PCAP Multitouch display

    Smartphone-like touch experience

  • Flexible setup

    Use floor stand or mount kiosk to a wall

  • Customizable apps

    Simply download via eyefactive's AppStore.

  • Integrated mediaplayer

    High performance multimedia PC (Windows).


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Why Hand Sanitizer Kiosks?

Why Touchscreen Hand Sanitizer Kiosks?

  • Maximum customer security

    Gain the trust of your customers with this combination of interactive touchscreen solution with contact-less hand disinfection.

  • Amaze customers, increase sales

    Offer exciting interactive experiences at the point of sale: Get maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

  • Endless aisle: 24/7 shopping experience

    With self-service touchscreen solutions, your customers get access to all of your products and services, even after closing time.

  • Entertain visitors, reduce waiting time

    Users can play exciting multiuser games with or against each other on huge interactive multitouch systems.

  • Special format

    The kiosk's display is integrated in upright format, also called portrait format. This format is suitable for various fields of application, e.g. for virtual shelves.

MultiTouch Hand Sanitizer Kiosk: Touchscreen Software & Apps

Software for Hand Sanitizer Kiosks with Touchscreens

Get started right away: The touchscreen content management software AppSuite is pre-installed on your multitouch kiosk. New apps and updates can be conveniently downloaded from eyefactive's online AppStore for customizable touch screen software.

  • AppSuite pre-installed for free

  • Access to the AppStore

  • Customize Apps via CMS

  • Download new apps & updates

Specs: MultiTouch Hand Sanitizer Kiosk SIGMA

Technical details and specifications.

21,5'' 27'' 32'' 43''
Display Type LCD LCD LCD LCD
Resolution HD (1080x1920px) HD (1080x1920px) UHD (3840x2160px) UHD (3840x2160px)
Format 9:16 (Portrait) 9:16 (Portrait) 9:16 (Portrait) 9:16 (Portrait)
Brightness (cd/m²) 250 250 350 350
Touch Sensor Technology PCAP PCAP PCAP PCAP
Touch Points 10 10 10 10
Automatic dispenser Desinfectant Gel or spray Gel or spray Gel or spray Gel or spray
Automation Infrared sensor Infrared sensor Infrared sensor Infrared sensor
Capacity 1000 ml 1000 ml 1000 ml 1000 ml
Mediaplayer / Mini-PC Mediaplayer Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated
Operating system Windows 10 IoT Windows 10 IoT Windows 10 IoT Windows 10 IoT
Software AppSuite CMS (pre-installed) AppSuite CMS (pre-installed) AppSuite CMS (pre-installed) AppSuite CMS (pre-installed)
Apps Download apps from eyefactive's App Store Download apps from eyefactive's App Store Download apps from eyefactive's App Store Download apps from eyefactive's App Store
Dimensions & Weight Display size (W x H x D) 380 x 114 x 1070 mm 450 x 120 x 1200 mm 490 x 135 x 1300 mm 650 x 135 x 1550 mm
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