MultiTouch Module System OMEGA

Realize interactive multi touch walls, tables and bars in XXL with our OMEGA module system. Combine single modules to larger interactive displays in various formats, even round or curved touch screens! Transitions become invisible with eyefactive's edgeblending technology.

MultiTOUCH Wall, Bar Counter, Tables in Virtual Showroom

MultiTOUCH Displays in all shapes

Vertically or horizontally integrated in tables, counters, bars, walls or shop windows giant MultiTOUCH screens allow for a simultaneous operation by many people (MultiUSER).

MultiTOUCH Module System OMEGA

Standardized Touch System

OMEGA modules come fully equiped including a tracking-PC for easy configuration and integration of single modules to larger complete systems.

Round Displays and Touchscreens with MultiTOUCH Technology

Round Displays

Flexible arrangement of OMEGA modules allows for curved shapes and round MultiTOUCH screens and displays.

Edge-Blending Technology for seamless MultiTOUCH Displays

Seamless Touchscreens

Our EdgeBlending-technology makes transitions between single modules invisible and merges them into a seamless, uniform MultiTOUCH screen.

MultiTOUCH Module Integration and Housing components

Flexible Integration

Casing and surfaces can be tailor-made to your requirements - we will also supply you with a full package solution - As you like it!

Unlimited Tracking-Technology

MultiTOUCH & MultiUSER hardware systems by eyefactive are being developed in Wedel near Hamburg to high quality standards. Our technology is known to have set the benchmark and has successfully proven itself in the industry and among renowned clients and partners.

Interactive Digital Signage Software XXL

In world's first AppStore for interactive digital signage touchscreen software for large-scale multitouch displays, you choose from a growing number of customizable professional multiuser business apps. With an intuitive content management software you can easily integrate your own content and designs - no programming skills required.

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Buy or Rent MultiTouch Installations

You may buy or rent your OMEGA multiTouch system, for permanent installations or temporary events.

We are pleased to support you with free consultation and an individual offer - for your successful interactive digital signage project.

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