eyefactive extends its touchscreen portfolio

LCD displays with different touch sensors, including the transparent touchscreen display system HYPEBOX as well as the interactive shop window SAPPHIRE.

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Touchscreen technology still is the the dominant topic in the digital signage sector. The interaction with a display e.g. at point of sale is not frowned upon as a playful gimmick anymore, but poses an essential extension to the overall communication process. Even more so, in most cases touch technology is expected as standard by customers these days.

As a consequence, eyefactive has extended its hardware portfolio by several new variants. In addition to their own rear-projection technology of sheer unlimited applications, eyefactive offers new LCD based touchscreen systems with PCAP or IR touch sensors.

The interactive touchscreen shop window display SAPPHIRE extends the retail space virtually at point of sale beyond regular opening hours. The outdoor touchscreen is safely mounted behind the shop window but ensures interactive operation on the outside at any time, day and night.

The HYPEBOX has a transparent touchscreen, which can display digital additional information about the product in the showcase behind the screen. The touchscreen´s interactive control is fully multitouch-enabled.

Also part of the product range of the specialists for interactive systems, for quite some time now, is the LCD touchscreen table ALPHA with a premium capacitive multitouch display by 3M. The table can be ordered in various display sizes and colors. Based on the same technology but a different design offer the protagonists of eyefactive´s new product lines: the touchscreen stele TALOS with displays in portrait format and the multitouch terminal DELTA.


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