Touchscreen CMS Software AppSuite: New Major Release v3.0

E.g. with 64 Bit support for higher resolutions and performance.


eyefactive is releasing a new version of its touchscreen CMS software AppSuite. The major release 3.0 brings a change to 64 bit so the complete main storage (RAM) of the respective PC or mediaplayer can be utilized. This means more apps and media can run at a higher resolution and better performance at the same time.

Further updates see i.a. new demo projects, the support of the vector format SVG and a setting for the easy support of different resolutions like HD or 4K/UHD.

AppSuite is a content management software (CMS) for professional touchscreens. It can be installed on mediaplayers and facilitates access to eyefactive's multitouch app store, an online marketplace for individually adaptable touchscreen software for interactive digital signage solutions. Clients and partners can download apps and customize them with own content and designs. AppSuite as well as all apps can be tested free of charge. Free Download: Touchscreen CMS Software AppSuite v3.0 (64 Bit)

64 Bit Support

Confined by the 32-bit memory capacity so far only a maximum of 3GB RAM has been available. With the current 64 bit version of AppSuite this chapter is history and the complete RAM availability is being utilized. Through preloading of content apps start and run more smoothly. Also significantly more media can be displayed in higher resolution at the same time.

Touchscreen Software 64 Bit Support

New Demo Projects

We constantly provide our partners and clients with new demo projects to showcase the apps and features of the AppSuite.

New Demo Projects

SVG Support

In addition to JPG and PNG, the SVG vector format is now also supported.

SVG Support

Layout Scaling

With a single setting, projects and apps can now be optimized for high-resolution screens

Layout Scaling

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