Round 360° Touchscreen Table AURORA

Round Touchscreen Table AURORA: Round Interactive Touch-Display with MultiTouch, MultiUser + Object Recognition. Robust and transportable, buy or rent here.

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Round Multi Touch Screen Table AURORA

Round Multi Touch Table AURORA with Wow-Effect

An eyecatcher for the city‘s hippest bar, innovative lounge concepts and trendy hotel lobbies: The Aurora Multitouch table has a circular interactive display. Bottles and glasses will also be recognized by aid of eyefactive‘s tracking technology, resulting in spectacular virtual effects on the touch screen.

  • Round 360° Multitouch display

    Special format due to rear-projection.

  • Unlimited touch points & users

    For true multi user applications and experiences.

  • Integrated high-end mediaplayer

    High performance multimedia PC (Windows).

  • Indestructable touch screen

    Ultra-solid displays via rear-projection.

Round Multi Touch Screen Tables AURORA

Round Interactive Tables as a Complete Solution

The complete solution from one source: AURORA Multitouch tables are ready to use and offer a great variety of additional configuration options. With interactive touch screen software with innovative object recogition you are sure to attract attention and gain access to an exclusive market place for touch screen apps.

  • Custom design

    Upon request, we design your own individual housing.

  • Innovative object recognition

    Link the real to the digital world.

  • Customizable touch screen apps

    Simply download via eyefactive's AppStore.

  • Optional interfaces & addons

    E.g. scanner for QR, NFC & RFID, audio system, flightcase.


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Why Round Multi Touch Screen Tables?

Why round Multitouch tables AURORA?

  • Round display as innovative eyecatcher

    Get attention with interactive tables in special formats. By an unlimited number of touch points and objects you realize true multi-user applications for several users at the same time.

  • Inspire customers, increase sales

    Offer exciting interactive experiences at the point of sale, trade fairs and events. Get maximum attention for your brands, products and services.

  • Effective infotainment on demand

    Combine information with interactive infotainment to convey the desired content effectively. Users can interactively call up information at any time.

  • Entertain visitors, reduce waiting time

    Users can play exciting multiuser games with or against each other on huge interactive Multitouch systems.

Software for Round Multi Touch Tables

Software for Round Touch Screen Tables

Get started immediately: A great variety of touch screen software is available for interactive tables and walls based on the AURORA system. Suitable apps can be downloaded conveniently at the eyefactive Online AppStore. We will also develop new, individual software tailor-made to your requirements on demand.

  • AppSuite pre-installed for free

  • Access to eyefactive's touch screen AppStore

  • Customize apps individually via CMS

  • Download new apps & updates

  • Custom software development on request

Object Recognition for Round Multi Touch Tables

Object Recognition for AURORA Systems

The innovation in the segment interactive digital signage: Employing real camera tracking by eyefactive any arbitrary object can be recognized on the display, easily implemented via printable marker codes.

  • Any objects can be recognized

  • Precise recognition of position and rotation

  • Unlimited number of different marker IDs

  • Easily printable codes at no costs

  • Apps and widgets for object recognition available

Addons & Gadgets for Round MultiTouch Tables

Customization (Optional)

Design the housing in line with your individual wishes and use optional gadgets like company card scanners or QR code readers.

  • Individual housing design

  • Scanner: bar code, QR, RFID, NFC, business cards

  • Proximity sensors

  • Camera / webcam

  • Audio system

  • Premium flight case


Specification: Round Touchscreen Table
47'' rear projection (~1m Distance)
1280x800 (HD/UHD upon request)
Real camera tracking: Unlimited touch points and object recognition
Metal, powder coated
Tracking-PC (included)
EVOVIS Tracking-Engine (Licence included)
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