Interactive Touchscreen in Rear-Window of Hyundai i30

Innovative MultiTouch Technology by eyefactive installed in Hyundai i30 wins multiple prizes.

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For Hyundai Motor Germany and in cooperation with VOON, Sky Premotion and markenfilm crossing the multiple awarded concept of "Real-Like: Facebook meets pedestrian zone" has been successfully realized with eyefactive's innovative MultiTOUCH-Technology.

At the centre of attention is Hyundai's compact class model i30 fitted with a rear window converted to an interactive touchscreen by eyefactive. Pedestrians can take advantage of this unique feature and log in live to their Facebook account right at the car and involve their friends in this action as well.

Unique and innovative apart from the concept is also the technical implementation realised by VOON in close collaboration with the renowned Hamburg based production company Markenfilm Crossing and the MultiTouch specialists at eyefactive.

To transform the bend surface of the car's rear window into a touchscreen the interior had to be converted and equipped with MultiTouch technology. Finally special cameras and more than 100 IR LEDs enable the detection of every single finger´s touch on the rear screen. As a result, just like magic, interactive gimmicks and user elements such as buttons and keyboard appear on the screen.

The "REAL-LIKE" tour through six German cities was accompanied by a dedicated web page and a corresponding competition. Participants whose postings got the most votes qualified for the final draw of a Hyundai i30.

The promotion-tour implemented by the agency Sky Premotion, Cologne was a huge success for Hyundai. The initial set goals were exceeded by far and the anticipated results nearly tripled. With 2.300 registered participants on location Hyundai "Real-Like" was able to reach more than half a million people through social networks.

Especially the interplay of content and technology under aspects of usability while achieving the set communication goals convinced the independent experts and members of the jury. "The term Touchpoint gains a whole new quality. A concept which combines live and online in an extraordinary play and way." according to the jury of FAMAB e.v. organisation at the award ceremony Thursday night in Leipzig.

The project has also won a "Winner Award" at the Automotive Brand Contest 2013 of the German Design Council, silver at the Annual Multimedia Award 2014 in the category event/installation and was nominated for the "digital signage best practice award" at the viscom 2013.

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