Large touchscreen table as interactive bar with software in Thailand

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Modern design meets interactive touch technology at Amphoe Chana´s new visitor center in Thailand. In cooperation with MiracleMaker and CornerMe, eyefactive has implemented a large scale, interactive multitouch bar with multimedia touchscreen software.

The princess of Thailand was visibly impressed at eyefactive´s interactive bar for the inauguration of a new power station by client EGAT (Electricity Generationg Authority of Thailand). The multitouch bar is the pivotal highlight at the adjacent energy information center and has a 3 metre wide seamless touchscreen.

The interactive installation is a collaboration of the Thai enterprise MiracleMaker and CornerMe. eyefactive supplied the technology, namely three OMEGA modules including the software for the touchscreen. The application is a combination of several multiuser apps from the eyefactive AppStore. These were filled with multimedia content and provide visitors with a virtual overview of the Chana Power Plant Learning Center.

A special feature is the integrated object recognition, which in this instance could only be implemented with eyefactive´s tracking technology: Maps hanging from the wall can be placed onto the interactive display of the multitouch bar. Then the corresponding information pops up in a map on the touchscreen and can be comfortably navigated by hand gestures. The object recognition happens via simple marker codes, which were printed on the back of the maps. The number of different maps depending on size can be increased to over 65,000.

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Amphoe Chana Visitor Center


OMEGA module system (3x)


Customized touch screen apps from eyefactive's AppStore