A time travel with Qatar National Bank (QNB) on a 98'' touchscreen

A time travel with Qatar National Bank (QNB) on a 98'' touchscreen

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Commissioned by the agencies SBS and Goldfuchs the touchscreen technologies & software specialists eyefactive GmbH have installed a modern touchscreen wall for Qatar National Bank (QNB) enabling customers to take a dive into the cosmos of QNB and experience the bank's history.

  • 98" wallscreen with touch feature

  • Content access via a revolving topic selector (Wheel)

  • Interactive, fully animated globe with clickable regions and QNB locations for further, detailed information

  • The parallax effect helps conveying QNBs history more vividly and make it more tangible

  • A moveable historical timeline guides from its foundation to the growth and expansion of QNB

Image brochures increasingly lose their significance in today's digital age. After all, who is keen on leaving a consultation meeting with tons of paper material in tow one solely accepted out of courtesy anyway? Is it not mainly images, that stick in mind? Especially, when combined with the sensation of touch?

These thoughts and the construction of a new, modern head office were the main motives why Qatar National Bank decided to bring the bank and its history to life by means of a 98" touchscreen. Hamburg based eyefactive in collaboration with the agencies SBS in Qatar and Goldfuchs in Hamburg were happy to take on the assignment!

The 98" touchscreen was set up in the entrance area for the entertainment and information of customers and visitors alike.


A video wall or a touchscreen? - It was a hard decision to make, but in the end, the 98" Ultra HD Touchscreen with 34 touch points by NEC took the trophy because it fitted better into the overall concept, plus its apparent mobility factor. The touchscreen was mounted to the wall by means of a Vesa adapter in an exposed part of the foyer.


Naturally, the new, innovative headquarter was in need of a likewise new, innovative software to tell the tale of QNBs history in an exciting way and to bind customers. This task was met by the app "ClickThrough", with different menu items revolving on the screen like a wheel. To display QNBs many international locations and activities involved, the redesigned app "ModelView" was perfect for the job: the creation of a globe, where the different locations could be found. One-click and the user automatically receive further information about the location selected.

One may delve into the history of QNB not only via a specifically designed timeline (app "HotSpots"), but also via various digitally enhanced images realized with the app "Parallax", which metaphorically speaking takes the user on a "live" ride into the story.

Last but not least the interested parties can obtain QNB financial information by simply activating some widgets. By means of the app "SlideShowFX" users simply can swipe their way through the menu.


The most demanding task of the project was certainly the creation of the globe. In order to display the additional information of a location several nodes had to be programmed and then finally embedded in the existing app.

A further challenge posed the retrieval of the rather sizable data volumes. This was accomplished by developing a kind of "preset version" of the content, enabling the application to operate fast and smoothly.


The entire development and installation was done solely online: The briefing and the implementation via video conference and the installation via further web transfer tools. Also the trainings and inductions on how the apps could be customized independently were carried out by virtual means.

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