Jägermeister develops Interactive Smart Retail AR Showcase

Jägermeister develops Interactive Smart Retail Showcase using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, a T-OLED Transparent Touchscreen and MultiTouch Software.

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The Jägermeister retail showcase is the centerpiece of an integrated campaign designed to create brand awareness while reinforcing key brand attributes, using innovative smart retail technologies. In addition to viewing the physical product from all angles, consumers are also allowed to interact with the display, using customized touchscreen apps from eyefactive's app platform.

"Implementing eyefactive's interactive touchscreen technologies, Jägermeister is creating an innovative and immersive shopping experience at the point of sale, pushing the digital transformation of a world-renowned brand."

Felix Jahnen, Head Of Digital Transformation, Jägermeister

Adding both an informational and interactive layer on top of the physical product behind the semi-transparent T-OLED touchscreen, Jägermeister is creating an immersive customer experience using augmented reality technology (AR) in a real-life brick and mortar retail scenario.

The showcase was designed to create brand awareness by providing an innovative experience at the point of sale that people will want to talk about.

This smart retail demo showcase is a prime example of how brands can leverage the power of immersive experiences to promote its products while also reaching out to potential new customers.

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T-OLED Transparent Touchscreen


Customizable Apps from eyefactive's App Platform