Interactive Digital Signage in the hotel-bar: Two round tables in the "Skybar" of the Hyatt Hotel at Istanbul New Airport have been equipped with eyefactive's interactive multitouch technology. The fully circular touchscreens recognize glasses put on the table in real-time. They then are connected by virtual lines on the screen. Guests can evoke additional effects when touching the interactive display.

Digital content is presented successively in an automatic slide-show, which is running in the background on the circular multitouch screens. Still images as well as videos can be viewed.

Apart from touches the tables also recognize glasses by means of printed stickers on their base. This is facilitated by eyefactive┬┤s own multitouch tracking technology: special cameras record the display surface from underneath, a software processes the image data and provides correlating information concerning touch points and objects, which are situated on the display.

By integrating touch technology in the existing bar furniture and the use of a customizable application, classic digital signage content is being conveyed and guests as well as visitors to the Skybar are being interactively addressed and involved in a communication process.

Because the tables work with projectors the entire technology is fitted in a safe distance to the screen. Therefore the surface of the display is extremely robust, hard-wearing and shock resistant against percussion and liquids, enabling operation under extremely tough conditions for instance at trade fairs or in shop windows - or in the case at issue an integrated touchscreen in a very busy bar.

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2x AURORA MultiTouch Tables


Standard MultiUser-Apps, Special FX-App for Visual Effects