The future of pharmacy product communication is here with fully automated multitouch counter displays and the ApoShelf software, individually developed by eyefactive on behalf of OPTIMUM-Media. With ApoShelf pharmacies can present their products in a digital and interactive way: displays in full HD with multitouch technology in combination with an innovative presentation software instead of conventional service and retail shelving.

The use of traditional storage and retail shelves can be an expensive and time-consuming challenge. Just one HD touch-display can contain and present as many different digital shelves as required. Each shelf for instance can be allocated a special healthcare topic and a customizable selection of products as large or as small as required. Virtual shelves can be extended or rearranged as desired.

Sales staff can choose products by a simple touch, opening a digital window with further detailed information like instructions, videos, package size and price. Another touch on the display and the order picker system dispenses the respective product at the chosen collection point.

A further highlight is the cross-selling function: single shelf displays can be logically linked to communicate with each other. If a specific product is selected, the linked screen could display a range of additional products to upsell for instance.

Staff members have access to the internal content management system of the interactive ApoShelf software for a simple and quick configuration - no programming skills needed. The design of virtual shelves is completely customizable. Images of every item on offer are available through the integrated image database provided by OPTIMUM-Media. An automated synchronization keeps everything up-to-date. The software provides interfaces to all common order picker systems. Prices and discounts are provided via a connection to a product database.

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