Seamless MultiTOUCH Wall with product recognition for Beiersdorf

eyefactive integrated a three meter long MultiTOUCH wall with seamless touchscreen as a permanent installation for Beiersdorf.

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Get in touch with Beiersdorf / Eucerin products: eyefactive integrated a three meter long MultiTOUCH wall with seamless touchscreen as a permanent installation in the first Eucerin Haut Institut in Hamburg, Germany. This first-of-its-kind permanent installation is a world novelty.

The Eurcerin Haut Institut at the Alte Oberpostdirektion, Hamburg Stephansplatz offers various beauty treatments using Eucerin products. The three meter long, seamless eyefactive MultiTOUCH Wall allows visitors to get in touch with the Eucerin brand and products and discover the institute in a spectacular interactive way. Visitors control the interactive MultiUSER Software with their hands and intuitive gestures. The display can be controlled by an unlimited amount of users at the same time. Even in a big rush, every customer will have the ability to immediately receive information which is tailored to his particular needs.

The interactive touch wall installation is manufactured with three OMEGA modules, which are combined via EdgeBlending to guarantee a seamless three meter long touch display.

The custom-made Eucerin MultiTOUCH Software contains categories like "diagnosis", "assortment", "about us" and "news", which move freely on the display. They can be moved and opened manually – an interactive journey through the Eucerin brand. Beyond that the MultiTOUCH system is able to recognize specific codes. In the Eucerin Haut Institut products feature a code sticker which causes the display to show additional product information as soon as it is held against it. With a virtual keyboard visitors can send relevant information directly to their private email account. In addition Eucerin offers ecards "Hautgrüße", which can be sent to friends and family.

On February 3rd 2012 the chairman of the Beiersdorf board officially opened the Eucerin Haut Institute. Visitors were overwhelmed by the huge interactive wall display.

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