Ticona instantly got everyone's attention, using a six meter long eyefactive interactive multitouch wall with innovative multiuser software as the central element of their booth at K2010 tradeshow for synthetic material in Düsseldorf. At the Ticona Pellet World, fascinated visitors were able to control an interactive physics simulation intuitively with their hands and learn about the variety of Ticona products and innovations.

Virtual Pellets (synthetic granules which Ticona uses to produce a variety of products) were arranged on the 6m long interactive multitouch wall display. These Pellets could be manually navigated over the touch screen and showed a physical reaction when they collided with each other. It did not take a long time until the amazed visitors chased the Pellets right across the XXL sized interactive display.

Pulling digital cords, which were arranged on the multitouch display, opened virtual terminals. These terminals provided visitors with graphics, videos and pdf documents about various Ticona products and innovations. Beyond that, visitors were able to navigate within a folder structure, which was presented in a spectacular 3D matrix. Graphics and documents were scalable and could be scrolled.

In addition to these features, the booth personnel was able to switch to multitouch apps at any time with the help of a remote control. Up to four teams were competing against each other in completing an interactive puzzle game. The complexity factor was raised with puzzle pieces showing an animated Ticona video.

The interactive touch wall was made of six OMEGA modules – they are identical to the modules which are included in eyefactive multitouch tables. Due to Edge-Blending technology edges between single modules disappear and guarantee a seamless display with an impressive dimension. The eyefactive touch system was integrated into existing booth architecture by the booth building company.

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