Large Format MultiTOUCH Table for SwissMem

With a spectacular multitouch table measuring 5 sqm, eyefactive presented the by then largest seamless rear-projection multitouch display of the world.

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Pioneering spirit at the young academics event of the Swiss Industry organization SwissMem: With a spectacular MultiTOUCH installation measuring 5 square metres, eyefactive presented the by then largest seamless rear-projection MultiTOUCH display of the world. Also the multiuser software with four different game parts grabbed everyone's attention in Winterthur. The highlight of the TecMania event demanded combinatory thinking from the captivated students and encouraged teamwork.

With an overall size of 4.6m x 1.5m this interactive installation is the largest multitouch rear-projection table of the world. Technical records include ten cameras and five projectors generating an almost 4000 pixel wide image. The eyefactive tracking engine EVOVIS guaranteed a fast and precise controlling of the digital objects only with hands. The project was completed in cooperation with the renowned advertising agency Jung von Matt within a record time of only four weeks.

The interactive multitouch software was composed of four linked game modules Module tasks could be solved separately and activate other modules. For testing purposes there was a manual source in every module. It was brought into action with various gestures. As soon as all module tasks were completed, the simulation automatically ran as a perpetuum mobile.

Water pressure: piping system

Various pipe pieces needed to be combined to one pipeline. Goal was to connect the piping system to the generator of the next module, where a virtual gear was moved by water. On the way from the water source to the goal, the students needed to overcome obstacles. Less leaks in the piping system resulted in a higher water pressure.

Mechanics: gears

In the mechanics module multiple gears are combined to one transmission chain. Students needed to position different kinds of gears on defined axles, so that the gear's teeth intertwine. Goal was to activate a constant-current generator, which delivered power for the following module, the switching circuit.

Electronics: circuitry

An electric circuit with various switching circuits was to be activated. Different kinds of switches raised the complexity level of the game, making it difficult to find out which cable was connected to which electronic device. As soon as the intended switching circuit was activated, electricity for the laser generators of the next module was switched on.

Optics: laser beams

Multiple laser beams needed to be directed to a solar cell. Rotatable and moveable mirrors deflected these beams. Barriers required a deflection in various angles. The more beams were directed to the solar cell, the more energy was generated for the water pump in the piping system.

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