Three Ireland develops new lifestyle store concept

Three Ireland is evolving from a classic mobile retail company into a digital lifestyle brand through touchscreen solutions from the interactive digital signage specialist eyefactive.

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Three Ireland is developing an innovative new store concept with the aid of touchscreen solutions by interactive digital signage specialist eyefactive. For the first time Three will not only provide connectivity through its network and devices, but consumers will also be able to turn to stores for expert advice and access to over 100 products.

"With interactive touchscreen solutions from the interactive signage specialist eyefactive, Three is evolving from a classic mobile phone retail company into a digital lifestyle brand. With interactive touchscreens, tables and individually developed software, we want to inspire our customers in our new lifestyle stores and make shopping at our new stores an unforgettable experience. With better customer loyalty at the point of sale, we expect an increase in sales in the long term. With eyefactive we have a reliable partner for innovative retail technologies at our side." - Three Ireland

Therefore, Three is incorporating eyefactive's touchscreen app platform with interactive software solutions provided on various touchscreens, interactive tables and tablets. By 2023's conclusion, all 60 stores of Three Ireland will have re-opened. It is one of the biggest touch technology-based retail solutions of its sort, including more than 500 various interactive touchscreen devices in total.

  • Consumers want a combination of a personal shopping experience with online features.

  • Three Ireland is developing an innovative new store concept with the aid of touchscreen solutions by eyefactive.

  • Until the end of 2023, Three will re-open all of its 60 stores in Ireland, with more than 500 devices using interactive touchscreen software provided through eyefactive's app platform.

Innovative Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Three's own research has shown that consumers want an in-person experience, supplemented with an online offering. Therefore, the company is now evolving from a classic mobile retail company into a digital lifestyle brand. Using interactive touchscreen solutions by eyefactive, Three is implementing an innovative omni-channel customer experience for all of it's stores in Ireland.

The company's 60 stores will transform into centers of excellence that combine online shopping with expert retail assistance. Three Ireland will outfit each brand-new retail establishment with touchscreen installations of 1-2 touch tables, 6 touch tablets, 2-3 non-interactive wall-mounted displays, and brand-new storefront windows.

After completing an intense training program, Three Ireland's staff can assist clients in locating and selecting the products most suited to their interests, using one of the many touchscreen devices with interactive software connected to Three's online shop content.

Interactive Signage Software Solution

As part of Three Ireland's new lifestyle store concept, it is incorporating interactive software from eyefactive's touchscreen app platform as part of the overall retail experience upgrade.

Virtual Shopping Guide

The touchscreen software solution's main app is a virtual retail consultant modeled on eyefactive's standard app “Shopping Assistant” that connects to Three's online shop platform. The app provides an immersive user experience using multitouch control and optimized interfaces to help both customers and staff members to find product information easily.

The app offers several interactive guides to navigate through product categories smoothly, with additional omni-channel checkout functionalities such as self-checkout via mobile device using QR codes or sending information to customers email address.

Touchscreen Tables

The touchscreen table's software user interface allows many users to interact across all four sides. Moreover, it allows personnel to consult with customers face to face, opening multiple apps and widgets simultaneously from the main menu app.

The touchscreen tables come with eyefactive's integrated touchscreen object recognition technology, which recognizes products placed on the screen's surface. In future developments, this technology will be used to compare smartphones along with their respective mobile network contracts.

Touchscreen Tablets

The tablets show a high-resolution version of the virtual shopping guide app “Shopping Assistant”. Tablets can be used by both customers and employees depending on the current demand at the store, or if the interactive tables are already used by other customers.

Digital Signage Screens & Software

Even though eyefactive's software platform is not a typical digital signage system, Three Ireland uses it for non-interactive displays. The displays use a combination of the app platform's cloud infrastructure, the AppSuite CMS and standard app SlideShowFX, providing the digital content.

Cloud Architecture

For Three, eyefactive upgraded a new cloud feature called “monitoring”. It ensures all systems run properly without manual inspections as everything gets documented automatically. The service staff gets notified to address a problem quickly when it occurs.

The cloud architecture of eyefactive's touchscreen app platform continually upgrades content and software on the store devices. Administrators are able to pick which updates to run and when.

In a future upgrade, Three will be able to gather touch data from all touchscreens, comparable to e-commerce click-data, helping to improve the ROI and conversion rates.


With 13 stores launched already in 2021, the program will continue to roll out until 2023. eyefactive will add new features and optimizations to expand capabilities. Moreover, eyefactive provides continuous content updates, advice, systems engineering, and cloud architecture maintenance.

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